40 years of the “Bangkok Motor Show”
Automotive companies reveal total booking of 49 thousand units, grow by 15%

The 40th Bangkok International Motor Show is highly successful as expected. The total number of this year visitors is 1.6 million people. Over 50 participated automotive companies are pleased with the booking number which surpasses the target, making the overall growth in Thai automotive industry this year continues to rise.   


Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, Executive Committee / Chief Operating Officer of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited and the Vice Chairman of the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show reveals that “The 40th Bangkok International Motor Show is another year that the event is successful in every perspective, including the total number of participating car and motorcycle companies as well as other  automotive entrepreneurs which is more than last year, leading to the excitement in the event. The total number of visitors this year is 1.6 million people, which is very close to the previous year.”

Mr. Jaturont added that "The booking of cars and motorcycles generated within the event this year, has a total amount of 49,278 units, which is divided into 37,769 cars, 5,343 motorcycle, while those brands of Electric Vehicle or EV gain 6,166 units.

A factor that make consumers decided to book a car at the event is because there are more products being launched and available at the show. Moreover, the relaxation of the purchase loan regulations, marketing promotions and the post-election period have motivated consumers to have confidence in the economy and confidence to spend more.”

For this year, the booking summary report of the participating car companies indicated that SUV is the most popular segment. It has an average booking of about 30 percent while the rest are passenger cars and pick-up trucks, especially the double-cab pickups that each company has brought a special model car or limited edition to be an alternative to consumers who want a car specially decorated from the factory. The luxury car market is also a segment that has attracted the attention of the visitors. The booking number is as high as 5,055 units.

According to the total number of reservations, Toyota has got the highest reservation number of 6,110 units. Mazda came second this year with the booking number of 5,211 units. Honda closed its sale as the third highest reservation number of 4,910 units. The fourth place is Mitsubishi with booking number of 3,019 units, while Isuzu ranked fifth at 2,715 units. For motorcycle, Honda has got the highest reservation number totaling 1,274 units. Yamaha came second with total reservation at 723 units, and third place is Kawasaki with 539 units booked. Looking at pure EV brands, MINE Mobility has gained total booking of 4,500 units, while FOMM achieved 1,666 units in total.

The number of reservations from this event shows that Thailand's automotive industry is still strong in products, technology, and marketing. It can be seen from the overview of the event this year that every brand offers products that are packed with modern technology. For example, electric cars and hybrid cars, including using AI or artificial intelligence with cars, received attention from visitors and led to the number of reservations this year. 

Booking The 40th Bangkok International Motor Show (25 March - 7 April 2019) ]

Mr. Jaturont added that “For decades, Bangkok International Motor Show continues gaining trust from automotive and motorcycle companies and entrepreneurs. This can be seen by the companies who participate with the display of automotive technologies and the display of latest innovations, as well as the large amount of money the brands have invested into the creation of magnificent booths and shows.”

On behalf of the steering organizer, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the participants for all the support that has made the “Bangkok International Motor Show” successful. This has literally reaffirmed that this is the best car show in Thailand and is No. 1 in ASEAN, with the equivalent standard to a world class Motor Show.

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